Tactic Air Drone Reviews – A revolutionary drone for this summer?

Since the first drone appeared on the market, this device has seen significant improvements in shape, size, performance, range, but also in range. Among the most recent and high-performance models on the market, we recommend that you test Tactic Air Drone and enjoy an innovative and superior quality device.

What is the Tactic Air Drone?

The Tactic Air Drone is a product of Hyper Sls Ltd. This is a new model of drone. To stand out from the competition, this drone has been equipped with special features that offer better results in both photos and videos. This drone has been specially optimized to make your job easier even if you are still moving, Tactic Air Drone will automatically follow you. From a unique aerial perspective, this drone captures all your movements with great precision. Practical and easy to use, its 4K HD camera gives a totally different rendering than any other drones on the market. Thanks to its Tactic Air Drone function, Tactic Air Drone is a new feature that offers a multitude of editing options: cut, brighten, darken or others.

What are the characteristics of the Tactic Air Drone?

To offer stable equipment to consumers, Hyper Sls Ltd has chosen to equip Tactic Air Drone as follows:
Tactic Air Drone has an adjustable 4K HD camera that allows you to take special pictures from infinite angles in the sky. It also allows you to take so many exciting photos and videos.
This UAV offers free pilot mobility thanks to the optical positioning of the flow, which in combination with the exact position by the visual position system and the position posture gives a stable floating for aerial photography.
The barometer integrated in this drone allows this aircraft to have a significantly improved altitude level, which allows it to fly at a certain altitude during takeoff, an altitude that you define yourself in advance.
This drone is equipped with a gestural photography option that the camera supports as a command. With a gesture of the VICTORY or PALM hand, he will automatically take your photos and videos. To define the flight path, simply draw a route on your drone’s screen and it will automatically move to the path you have traced.
In APP, this drone also has an MV editing function that allows you to enhance and embellish your photos and videos before sharing them with your friends.
Tactic Air Drone is also equipped with an integrated 6-axis gyroscope. The distance from its remote control is about 100 meters and the distance from its image tracking is between 1 and 5 meters.

The maximum flight time for Tactic Air Drone is about 18 to 20 minutes and its charging time is about 150 minutes. Once folded, this drone measures 136x85x60x60mm compared to 270x260x60x60mm in unfolded mode.


The Tactic Air Drone is currently on sale! This discount is only valid this week, if you have to buy it now!

Additional information about Tactic Air Drone

The Tactic Air Drone also has a transmitter and a Quadcopter KF607 RC. Its detailed equipment testifies to the high quality of the manufacturer’s work and the quality of the drone. This device is delivered with complete equipment including an operating manual, screwdriver, USB cable and also a spare propeller. Its user manual will give you more information about the device and its various functions such as hand gestures for gestural function, for example.

Where can I buy it? What is its price?

As online sales have grown in recent years, many products are currently being sold from the web, including the latest news. If you want to buy a drone like Tactic Air Drone, you can easily find it for sale online. As for its price, we noted that the unit sells for around 99 euros with the use of a 50% discount code.

What are the advantages?

There are many drones on the market, but the manufacturer Hyper Sls Ltd has made Tactic Air Drone a top-level equipment. Indeed, it turns out that this drone has the advantage of being a totally different world, because this drone is oriented towards a professional range of UAV products. Tactic Air Drone also stands out thanks to its innovative and practical features such as the dual camera; 4K resolution; follow me mode; intelligent gestures capture and many more. While most drones have a maximum duration of around 10 minutes, Tactic Air Drone offers an improved flight time of 20 minutes.

What are the disadvantages?

As Hyper Sls Ltd has taken care to develop a more professional aircraft, Tactic Air Drone does not have many disadvantages. On the contrary, its functionalities are optimized compared to those of the competition, but the only problem is that to date, its availability is rather limited on the market. However, its manufacturer is responsible for its own marketing throughout the world.

Where to buy the Tactic Air Drone ?

We recommend that you purchase this device from the manufacturer’s official website. Ordering on this platform offers you many advantages. You will already ensure the authenticity of your drone, but since you buy directly from the manufacturer, you will benefit from a discount of up to 50% when ordering a unit. The more you order several units at the same time, the lower the price you will receive from the manufacturer. But the most interesting thing is that for any order, the site offers free delivery. For a small extra charge, you can also purchase an additional three-year warranty. This option will allow you to obtain a replacement in case of defects or problems.

Our experience with the Tactic Air Drone

We have already tried quite a few drones, but when we tested Tactic Air Drone, we noticed that it has many innovative and interesting features such as Follow Me mode. This drone also gives the impression that it is better than any other model currently available on the market, as it is more controllable and highly equipped, which always allows you to operate it in any situation. In addition to being efficient, it is surprisingly well built and meets all requirements. It is also very easy to use and handle. To use it, simply charge the application, recharge the battery and it is ready to fly and take pictures and videos. But what is most satisfying about this drone is that it has the Follow me feature.
We also tried Tactic Air Drone in the wilderness and to be able to take it with us, we had to fold it, a totally unique experience, because by folding it was easier to carry. The quality of the resolution of its dual sensors has also enabled us to produce quality photos and videos. Moreover, with this drone, anyone can be in the frame, a perfect device to take the perfect group selfie. When we tested it, we also found that it has a high resistance to shocks, scratches, heat and also to traction. Thanks to its 6-axis gyroscopic self-stabilization technology, even with altitude, it maintains a stable flight and landing. This drone has been optimized to ensure agile movement and precise positioning. Its revolutionary remote control technology has also allowed us to take pictures and videos in very surprising positions. As with most drones, Tactic Air Drone has also given us the benefit of its slow motion and panorama mode, but its most important thing is its follow me mode.


The Tactic Air Drone is currently on sale! This discount is only valid this week, if you have to buy it now!

There are now several drones on the market and if you are not a technology expert, it will be very difficult for you to choose the best one. This is why we have provided you with our feedback on the Tactic Air Drone. In a few words, we can conclude that this drone is really interesting, whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is ready to follow you automatically and take your photos and videos in better conditions. It will be impossible for you to lose sight of him, because he will accompany you without any problem for about twenty minutes. Like us, you can make very special recordings of yourself or any event. Its MV function even allows you to review and enhance your photos and videos before sharing your masterpiece with your friends. Overall, this drone is convincing compared to what the competition is offering.
Compared to other drones on the market, this Tactic Air Drone with its 4K HD camera is very interesting and we do not regret buying it. Unlike other drones of this type, it also has several extensions that have given us much more pleasure with photography and filming.